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Chris Lodder has worked with the School for over a year and a half. He has made an enormous contribution, to our knowledge of serious mental health issues and there impact on School ,home, and students lives.He has made significant in roads with support and interventions with our students and their families. There could have been some very poor outcomes for our most challenged young people, however Chris working with the Families  and the School has made a huge difference. I would recommend this way of working for every Special School, it helps working with other outside agencies including CAMHS and can help lessen the frustrations as practitioners we all experience.

Paula Clark, Head of Care, Batchwood School

St Josephs YFC prides itself in teaching young people life skills through the powerful medium of sport. The whole philosophy of the club is based on the  “Aim to be the best you can be. We will help you be even better”

I was delighted to be approached by Garnet Lodder of G.L.A.S with a generous offer to sponsor the team. With the whole focus of G.L.A.S being around helping young people overcome difficulties in their life, it mirrored our club philosophy perfectly.

Although funding is always hard to come by at grass roots level, you want your club associated with a sponsor that promotes your club in an equally positive image as you do theirs. Working in partnership with G.L.A.S has been excellent for our club, and  provided  sponsorship that enabled us to buy a new kit for the boys for which I am extremely grateful.

Sean Quinn, Manager St Josephs Jets, Chairman St Josephs YFC

An increasing number of students and their families have benefited greatly from the support provided by GLAS Limited. As a result of this there are young people who have been able to move forward, accessing their education and gaining qualifications ready for their next step. Key to this is the way GLAS Limited helps build better relationships and change perspectives. Through GLAS Limited’s support families are also helped to build relationships and team work with us at school. Improved attendance and participation is a welcome impact of the valuable advice and support.

David Allen, Headmaster, Links Academy


Chris has been working with us and our families for just over a year. We decided that it was in the best interests of our pupils and families, to try and directly employ a skilled psychiatric practitioner. We were also aware that Chris had completed some work with another school.

Following initial discussion and the establishment of protocols, Chris began to engage with a small group of families. His work usually takes the form of direct interaction with pupil and family. This may be on or off site and at times which suit the family concerned. Regular reports are provided as standard.

I have been extremely impressed with the impact that Chris has had, in a relatively short period of time. I believe his work has aided:

* Pupil self regulation

* Motivation and clarity for pupils

* Family support with external services such as CAMHS, which may never have taken place without Chris

* Improved attendance and behaviour

* Due to all of the above, improved progress and well being for the pupils and families concerned.

My only concern going forwards in this that we are able to financially maintain this crucial work improving the well being for those involved. Chris has become a real asset to our team and his work is highly valued by us all.

Sean Trimble, Headteacher, Larwood

“Chris came into my grandsons life , having a mammoth task confronting him. Ben was suffering from an acute anxiety complex, and these few weeks of seeing Chris, he has given my grandson the confidence to change his life around, and the difference is amazing. Ben is now able to face life in a more positive manner and has gained confidence one hundred fold. Chris has that certain skill of talking to him and installing the ingredients that has enabled Ben to grow from a frightened young boy into dare I say a much more confident young man. Ben has really taken to trusting Chris , which I can assure any person reading this was a really tough job in the first place. Ben and myself would like to express our heartfelt thanks for everything that you have done for us., and I really hope that you can change as many other lives in the way you have changed ours……

Thank You.”

Chris Ayers

I have known Chris for 15 years, and worked with him whilst in the Crisis team and as an A/E Liaison assessor.

He is a highly motivated and very competent psychiatric nurse. His professional manner and standards allow him to work in a flexible, and experienced way with all adolescents and adults with mental health issues.

Chris works autonomously very well and is confident and approachable about any issues, not matter how severe, as he has years of experience working with adolescents.

His forte is being able to achieve a fast rapport with clients, and communicate with relevant agencies involved in all the clients care, and enhance continuity of communications between them.

Chris is very trustworthy and has great pride in his work, which makes it a pleasure to work with him. His friendly demeanour, combined with a highly experienced approach makes the ideal professional to work with. Chris is very good at writing reports, assessments and more importantly assessing risks.

Over the years, and continuing, it is a pleasure to working closely with him and would be a valuable member to any team who employs him.

Jocelyn Cusack, R.M.N. 1-2-1 Care Ltd.