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Children and young people are firmly held at the center of all the services provided at GLAS Ltd. We know that the mental health of young people is increasingly recognised as being fundamental to the well being and future prospects of individuals and communities. We know that young people who are emotionally healthy achieve more and are able to participate fully with their peers, engage in less risky behaviour and are better able to cope with adversities that they might have to face

At G.L.A.S. We aim to support schools to support those young people who have or are at risk of developing an identifiable mental illness

Bespoke Packages

Bespoke packages of care based, on the principles of home treatment that hold the young person at the center of their community care package.

Risk Assessment

Provide a comprehensive Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan.

Care Plan Review

Provide all young people with a regularly reviewed care plan.

Work Collaboratively

Work collaboratively with the young person, their primary support network and other professionals to achieve as positive of an outcome for that young person as possible.

Monitor Effects

To monitor the effects and affects of any pharmacological intervention that may make up part of a young persons care plan.