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Garnet Christopher Lodder

About Garnet Lodder Adolescent Services

Established in 2014 GLAS provides specialist support to those young people with Mental health and severe emotional and behavioural problems, who have been or who are at risk of being permanently excluded from school. We are passionate about working with the young person and supporting their families to help that young person over come the emotional barriers that are preventing them from achieving their optimum best at school and in there communities. Our specialist service helps support the young person to gain ownership of their mental health, emotional and behavioural difficulties and help move them from a place of inward chaos towards a place of feeling settled with a sense of purpose, helping the move away from a negative past towards a positive future.

Our ethos

We believe that each young person has a right to good mental health irrespective of age gender ethnicity or race and through our approach of owning your mental health and emotional well-being support that young person to safely and successfully begin to experience a new positive view of themselves instead of a distorted and usually inaccurate view of themselves and through the use of reflection our young people are empowered to view themselves in a more positive and healthy way.

Our approach

Our philosophy moves away from a biased, blameful, competitive approach to one that promotes fairness, respect and inclusion. We promote an understanding of cultural and individual diversity and discourage against deviant and discriminate behaviour. Our aim is to assist young people in coming to terms with difficult areas of their lives and consolidate areas in which they function well. We encourage them to view education as a positive and rewarding experience and where possible, promote their successful return to a mainstream school or a college placement.

Our success

GLAS Ltd has rapidly grown in its success with its young people. Our success is evident by the strong relationships we are building not only with the young people but their families and a range of professionals, such has schools, colleges and local authorities. Our early intervention approach can have a massive impact on the positive outcomes not only for the young person and their families, but also for those providing education.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals with a wealth knowledge in supporting young people with mental health and emotional and behavioural difficulties by building effective relationships and working closely and safely with the young person and their families in order to help them achieve their optimum best.